Jan 082014

Time is money, especially if you are launching a business. As you kick off the new year, let go of old habits and focus on becoming more efficient.

From figuring out the perfect sleep temperature to dumping the clutter from your desk and learning how to let go of “perfect,” streamlining everyday tasks can lead to a more productive lifestyle, according to San Francisco-based startup organization Funders and Founders.

Want to know more ways to become more productive? Check out the series of infographics below.

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Джерело: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230606?newsletter=true

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Jan 072014
  1. Знайти які спеціалісти(професії/спеціальності) найбільше ЗАРАЗ потрібні ринку (10шт)
  2. Знайти які технології(10шт) ці спеціалісти використовують(хочуть замовники?) ЗАРАЗ (актуальні)
  3. Знайти які технології(10шт) ці спеціалісти використовують МЕНШЕ ніж попереднього року
  4. Знайти які технології(10шт) ці спеціалісти використовують БІЛЬШЕ ніж попереднього року

Для кожної актуальної(ЗАРАЗ, БІЛЬШЕ) технології

  1. Знайти прямі ресурси (по назві технології)
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  2. Знайти компанії лідери (по назві команії)
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  4. Знайти онлайн/оффлайн курси, котрі тому вчать
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    2. коштовні
  5. Знайти книги котрі вийшли цього року по цій технології
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  6. Знайти клуб/user-group
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    2. знайти того хто знає більше (порадник/наставник/старший товариш?)
  7. Знайти open source проекти, котрі є онлайн з використанням ціх технлогій
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  8. Читати, вчитися, пробувати
  9. Знайти 1 комерційний проект, котрий вимагає 1 чи більше вказаних технологій
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  10. Отримані гроші інвестувати в свою освіту (п4, п5)
  11. Додати вказану технологію в резюме
  12. Допомогти/порадити 2 друзям/початківцям/партнерам по open source проекту/групі
  13. Повторити з п1.

Дуже цікаво почути відгуки/поради/зауваження – особливо цікаво.

Jan 042014

Do you realize that it is easy to forgive someone you do not know very well, while it is very difficult to forgive those you are close to. The closer emotionally that person is, the more difficult it is to forgive. That is why family feuds are so painful and prolonged. That is why divorces are an emotional disaster. And fights among siblings are a war.

Psychologists say that we finally mature when we forgive our parents. All of us have some grudge against our parents. Welcome to the club. And we hold on to this grudge for years. We see a therapist, maybe several therapists, for years, trying to forgive. It is not easy. Why? Because we loved them. Or expected to be loved by them.

Now, who is the person closest to us? Closer than our spouse or child? Closer than brother, sister or parent?
Of course, it is ourselves.
It is very difficult to forgive oneself for whatever we feel guilty about. We suffer the most. The longest. And if our refusal to forgive persists it can turn into self-hate. Not a pretty picture.

Interesting that all religions promote the idea of “forgiving” and at the same time preach love. How to reconcile those opposing prescriptions since if we love, we will have difficulty forgiving?
But is it always true? Some loving couples do forgive each other. Which means it is doable, to love and forgive, but how?

Apparently the way to reconcile is the sequence by which we love and forgive.
Here is the first sequence: Forgive first. Love second. (“I will love you if I can forgive you “.)
Difficult. It is conditional love. Would not work.

How about the second sequence: Love first. Now forgive those you love. It works, if it is a true, honest, non judgmental, non needy love. Like a loving mother forgives a child for whatever…..love is above all transgressions. She forgives because there is no other way; She loves her child unconditionally.

And who is it you are supposed to love first of all as a precondition to forgiving? The insight: love of yourself.
If you love yourself you will have better chance to forgive yourself and eventually others too?
But why should I forgive myself or others?
It is because of the value imbedded in forgiving.

When you hold onto guilt or blame yourself or others, you wind up spending a great deal of unnecessary and unhelpful energy. It is not positive energy. It “eats you up.” It makes you sick. It is what I call a source of “internal marketing,” and in the process it interferes with the positive energy necessary for love to flourish.

And the worst “energy sucker,” is hate. It will age us prematurely. We become ill … and maybe even die. Sometimes by our own hand.

So, love, and love deeply, honestly, so that you can forgive yourself and others.
Do not try to understand. Just do it. Love without questioning anyone or anything. No cost benefit calculations. No doubting oneself. Just be loving unconditionally.
And start with loving and forgiving yourself. Loving and forgiving others next looks more probable.

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes